Preparation and Powder coating Motorcycle parts.


Here at Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd carry out work on motorcycle frames & parts to a very high quility long lasting standard.

Remember our motto (Do it once do it right) Our work will last you for many years to come, as powder coating is extremely chip resistant and tough finish over stove or wet paint finishes.

We are aware that other’s offer a cheaper service, however we DO NOT cut corners and offer a professional service and up to a fifteen year warranty

Some folks have the opinion that stove enamelling is the best for the best finish, this is true to a point, however laying down a gloss powder coat and finishing with a acrylic crystal clear powder coat lacquer even the purists will be hard pushed to tell the difference. Samples of this work are available to view in our showroom or if you would like us to run asmall sample of your work please call us to make arrangements.

A wide range of colours and special finishes are available. To view the standard ral colours please visit the following web site

There are flip and pearls, special effect lacquers and candy colours and now glow in the dark range, a world of choice, we can also offer any colour in two pack or water base automotive finishes. Wet paints are recommended for items as Petrol tanks, mudguards, side casings, this is not to say they can’t be powder coated however wet paints always will give a better finish Please note fibreglass, carbon fibre & plastic parts cannot be powder coated.

We do not apply naked flames to strip off paint or decals as some do, this can give rise to local distortion with disastrous results.

1. Steel frames are dipped in an alkaline paint remover then a light blast clean to remove all remaining paintwork and any corrosion and allow for a first class key for primer or first coating.

2. Aluminium or alloy frames will be bead or aqua blasted this is less aggressive over blast cleaning and yet it still gives a first class key for the prime coat

3. Once the blast or bead cleaning stage is completed, the work visually checked over for damage as cracks, broken or poor welded  joints.

4. Repair any corrosion damage by either using our Metfil manufactured especially for the use with powder coating, or carry our welding work for the worst areas of damage. This will be considered as further work and extra charges will be made to achieve a good prepared finish prior to the coating work.

5. The frame and other parts are placed into our Phosphating and wash plant for final and complete deep clean, the phosphate helps further to etch into the work and therefore will give a far longer life. This is an optional extra and an extra charge is made for this service, however this allows us to increase our warranty term to fifteen years. (Subject to terms & conditions)

6 .Masking off, all the threads and raceways making ready for the primer coats. (subject to chosen level)

7. Apply our self-healing epoxy polyester primer coat at an average of 50 microns per coat. (subject to chosen level)

8. Semi cured @130d cent.

9. Apply the colour coat of polyester powder and fully cure at 180d cent until both the primer & topcoat have fully bonded to the work. At this stage, we can apply either a further clear or special effect lacquer coats.

For further information and pricing please, feel free to call or drop us an email.

Prices exclude vat.

A further acrylic lacquer can be applied giving a deep lustre finish. This will add no more than £35.00 to any complete job

The costs below are for motorcycle frames & includes the swing arm, if your machine is without a swing arm then an allowance will be made.

Other parts will be priced separately for example:-small brackets from £2.50 each. For further pricing please email your list of parts along with photographs and any damage you are aware of  that may need extra work if possible, this enables us to get a better idea of the work involved.

Two-year warranty. (Silver)

No primer coat. One coat system

Blast clean, masking, Single polyester colour coat.

Various Motorcycle Projects Restored Here at MSBPCL

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We don't set out to make problems for anyone. We comply with health & safety rules and have always carried out improvements when requested by H&S in fact the last visit cost my business getting on for 20K to fit new spray booths and this is fine as it has made improvements to the environmental impact and improved productivity. We have a full insurance inspection twice a year on the plant & machinery, have our staff monitored for related medical issues, breathing hearing etc, three of them have full fork lift training, all this costs a small fortune but we play the game and do what needs to be done. Ok if your company is out of line and causing problems then you can and should expect some sort of comeback, but all it takes is for someone to make the problems and inconvenience known to the owner that it may cause other people, not hide behind the authorities.

Anyway who ever it was thought our gas calor gas tanks were wrongly sited, the fact they have been there for 12 years and sited by Calor gas who know the law and regs inside out how to site them. They are checked every year for safety including the feed out gas pipes, they are protection by safety barriers and are in line with the regs at the time of placement. It seems some twat thinks they know better. I guess they don't like to see businesses who are doing well play the game or they just don't like them where they are. It makes me think is it all worth the grief and frustration and great expence running a business these days.

Some idiots think you have a wallet full of money, guess again we don't. It's a very costly running a company large or small. so many rules regs, miles of red tape, dealing with employment rules, tax & vat, Health & safety, taking on increasing overheads without passing them on trying to be fair and just.

The cherry on top of the lot is the twats that have nothing better to do but stir up further unfounded complaints. Makes me extremely angry..

Thats my anger vented and as far as I am concerned that hopefully is the end of it.
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