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Glass Bead

Soda-lime silicate glass beads available in a range of 10 material sizes and a hardness of 6 moh. 150 x 300 & 300 x 400

Bead blasting a range of substrates to provide a cosmetic finish. Ideal for aluminium, engine parts, glass etching and hard woods.

Supplied in 25kg sacks

150/300 grade. Leaves a clean satin finish. Good for removing deep rust from corroded surfaces, Car body shells Garnet.
A hard natural mineral.
Price per 25 kg bag £30.00 plus vat

Crushed Glass
Go green

Produced from recycled bottle bank glass available in two sizes Grain size: 0.2 – 2.5mm
Supplied in 25kg sacks . Developed for use on ornate or soft stonework and removal of graffiti from decorative panels.
Other uses are, Filtration units for pools, will remove rust and paintwork.
Price per bag £9.50

Full Pallet 1 ton £225.00. Prices ex vat & delivery.


A hard natural mineral
For high performance blasting and sites requiring low dust levels. The coarser grades may be recycled a number of times. The smaller sizes are ideal for water jet cutting applications.
A hard natural mineral.
Supplied in 25kg sacks
150/300 grade.

Price per bag £18.50

Full Pallet (40 bags)1 ton £650.00  Prices ex vat & delivery.

Chilled Iron Grit

Long lasting
Generally used in blast-rooms, cabinets and closed circuit blasting systems, chilled iron grit has a hardness in excess of 57 HRC. Due to the hardness and density, chilled iron is generally used on most steel fabrication cleaning applications. It is commonly used to blast steel structures and trailers. We do not recommend its use on non-ferrous substrates as aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper.

Price per 25kg sack £48.00 plus vat
G7 & G12
Others grades can be supplied.


Other media can be supplied, walnut, soda, plastic.   

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